what is an airsource heat pump?


How do they work?

An Airsource Heat Pump works by transferring heat absorbed from the outside air to indoor space to heat radiators and provide hot water. 

These systems are far more efficient than a modern gas boiler which makes them an ideal solution for those looking to reduce running costs and carbon emissions. 

Approved Heat Pumps may also qualify for Renewable Heat Payments (RHI) which can help fund the majority of the installation.


Do you qualify for RHI?

Subject to qualification (property build and insulation values) providing your Heat Pump and installer is Micro Certification Scheme (MCS) approved you may be eligible to Renewable Heat Incentive Payments (RHI) This is paid to you directly quarterly over a 7 year period. 

Qualification and funding level is subject to a full site survey and if required and Energy Performance Survey (EPC)  If approved, quite often most of the installation cost is covered by the RHI payments. 

However, this is something we discuss with you during your initial visit as not all properties are suitable.

Find out if you qualify here

Our Partners


Save money with the LG R32 Therma V Range

LG’s range of air source heat pumps is called THERMA V. 

They demonstrate the very latest in efficiency and advanced technology including remote control via the ThinQ app. This enables weekly scheduling, control of water temperature, heating emergency operation and a silent operation mode.


Intelligent Heating with the Mitsubishi EcoDan Range

From small flats to large detached houses, and from an office block to a school, Ecodan air source heat pumps are the renewable, low carbon alternative to traditional high carbon heating systems. 

This reliable, renewable heating technology delivers highly efficient sustainable space heating and hot water all year round.


Daikin Altherma low-temperature air-to-water heat pump

By extracting renewable energy from the air, the Daikin Altherma heats, cools and provides your home with hot water in a sustainable way.