Sustain Eco, Making your Home more Energy Efficient

We have built a company that offers a 5star experience for each customer. 

Every customer will receive a top-quality service, delivered by people that genuinely care about renewable energy and the future. 

We operate as a co-operative which ensures that we all work together to maintain a stable and successful business with happy customers as the result. 

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New Build Project Management

Managing the development of a new build property can be both stressful and time-consuming. 

We offer a full design and consultation package for our renewable products which also includes project management with all trades to ensure our part deadlines are met. 

After your system is installed the aftersales team administers your handover process. This includes all relevant paperwork being sent in the form of a handover pack including all insurances registered.



We offer a no-obligation consultation where we assess yours and the properties' specific requirements. 

From there a solution is designed to make your home as energy-efficient as possible.

Again, the installation is a project managed by our technical team to ensure an efficient and timely result.


Maintenance and Additional services

In addition to installing new systems, we offer a range of maintenance services for pre-existing installations.

Some of these include:-
- Air source Heatpump Servicing
- Heat loss Assessments
- Solar PV & Battery Servicing
- Solar Thermal Servicing
- Commercial Energy Management Systems

RHI Funded Airsource Heating


Heat your home for a fraction of the cost of traditional fossil fuels using the latest technology. RHI Funding available for qualifying properties*

Grid Share Solar & Battery


Save up to 80% on your Energy bills by installing Grid-Share Battery Technology without any tie-in's or contract.

Solar Systems


Lower your bills and become more self-sufficient with the latest Solar technology.

Thermal Batteries


Reduce Heating and Hot Water cost by storing unused Solar electricity or Heat Pump energy with next-Gen storage technology

Solar PV Battery - Retro Fit


Already have Solar fitted? 

We supply and install the industry-leading range of High performance Li-ion Batteries to suit almost any application.

Solar - EV Chargers


Intelligent chargers optimised to work with Solar PV can be configured to only charge with surplus  energy.